At Fork & Walk we are always on the lookout for places to eat that highlight Berlin’s history, offer us something delicious in the now or reveal something about the city’s future. Today, we are trotting out a story that can’t be buried any longer — the story of the Berlin cemetery cafes. Known in local parlance as Friedhof Cafes, you could call them ‘Culinary Limbos’ of sorts or a...
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Kulturbrauerei Lucia Weihnachtsmarkt||Top Berlin Christmas Markets 2018
Finally! The Berlin Christmas Markets Are Open! Yesterday was the opening day of the Berlin Christmas Markets, which is a holiday in and of itself. Fork & Walk was out in full force celebrating and sampling to make sure we are ready to show our guests the best Christmas food that the city has to offer. The first week of the Berlin Christmas Market season is one of the best...
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Roma Unplugged Our Foodie Experiences & Recommendations A freeway built in between ancient city walls, a Mercedes Benz cafe opposite the fancy Ferrari airport café. These are the first three images upon landing at Rome FCO and the immediate feeling that we are no longer being in Berlin. ”Berlin is raw, but Rome is ancient”. These are the initial words that come to mind as we make our way out of...
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Do you have some spare time during the ITB Berlin? Then checkout our food tips and sightseeing options… The ITB Berlin is the biggest International Travel show in the world. From March 7th thousands of merchants, tour operators, sellers, re-sellers, visitors and good vibes hitting the capital to display their products. It is the largest of ITB events held at Messe Berlin, which was formerly the largest conference centre in...
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Enter the beautiful season of Autumn Berlin is surrounded by forest and this is a wonderful city to start your mushroom foraging career – if you have not already. The closest and largest central Berlin forest to look for mushrooms would be Grunewald. At 3,00 hectares large there is plenty of opportunity to discover not only the hidden Fungi and other flora & fauna. Schlachtensee, Tegel forest and Koepenick region...
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