Berlin is great for the two main types of holidays: part of an extended trip including other big cities, and also being a trip on it’s own. In the case of a long weekend, the latter option is perfect. You need to spend at least 3 days in Berlin to uncover even just a small amount of what we’ve got to offer. Food, alcohol, history, sights, adventures, fashion… you name it,...
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Welcome to the Fork & Walk guide to the world of Virtual Food Experiences and our very exciting new product, our Virtual Culinary Team Event.  The catastrophic impact reaped by Covid on the tourism industry has been immense. However, times of struggle forces us to think outside the box. This is where the entrepreneur strives and those who want to survive, find a way out of the rubble. Now 9...
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Scenes from Vegan Berlin at the Bona Kollectiv You could go vegan in Berlin for a lot longer than a day in Berlin’s Schillerkiez without getting bored or hungry. The Schillerkiez, located at the eastern most gate of one of Berlin’s favourite historical sites, Templehofer Field, is booming with alternative, gluten free and vegan vegetarian fare.Vegan Berlin life doesn’t get much better than this. Where Skittles Fly Bringing together the neighbourhoods...
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Forced closures have inspired Berlin’s booming restaurant scene to take unprecedented measures. Takeaway! It is truly bizarre times we are living at this very moment, but through crisis shines creativity. The will to survive, push through and never let go of the hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel (or in our case foodie experiences). In this edition, we are delving into what’s cooking in Berlin and...
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Looking for an authentic, local experience for your Berlin Autumn this year? Eager to see the city sights, plus many hidden gems from a local perspective? Do all this, plus tasting the best food in a Berlin Autumn on one of our food walking tours! Read on for points on why this is the perfect time of year to visit Germany’s capital city. 1. Avoid the hordes of tourists during...
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