Berlin Sunday Brunch

Sunday in Berlin usually greets tourists and locals with a relaxed, slow atmosphere. Most shops are closed on the last day of the week, so everyone can make the most of their weekend, before Monday comes around again. What is the best way to do this, you might ask? Well, Berliners say going for a Berlin brunch.
The Berlin brunch culture…

There is such a huge brunch culture in Berlin, celebrated by all walks of life. But wait, what does it mean? It’s a word created by the mixing of breakfast and lunch! Usually eaten from 10am to even 3pm here in Berlin. You’ll find the Berlin brunch offered at nearly all cafes with the option of many different cuisines. For example, a Russian, Mediterranean or Italian brunch will be easy to find, and of course, a great quality German brunch too.

Berlin brunch
Image of a tasty Berlin brunch by traveller Annika Holzer

In Summer you’ll find people gathering at outdoor cafes, relaxing in the sun while they sip on their orange juice and munch on fresh breads and salads. You’ll see them raise their hand and order another coffee, because why not? When the weather is warm, the company is great and the food is delicious, you can.

Even now, as we leave Summer and enter the cooler months, an outdoor Sunday Berlin brunch is still extremely lovely. All places will provide you with a warm, fluffy blanket if it’s too chilly, but you’d like to be outside.

What’s typically in a Berlin brunch?

When foreigners think of Germany, the first two things that pop into our heads are usually: 1. Beer, and 2. Meat.
While beer is usually left for another hour or two, your usual German breakfast/lunch mix will contain a variety of meats like salami and prosciutto type things, usually salty and packed with flavour. Pair these with a variety of soft and hard cheeses, fresh bread rolls and a variety of fruits, a good quality coffee and a cup of orange juice.

It’s honestly very delicious, and something to look forward to every Sunday! Sometimes we cheekily sneak a Berlin brunch in on a Saturday too…

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