At Fork & Walk we are always on the lookout for places to eat that highlight Berlin’s history, offer us something delicious in the now or reveal something about the city’s future. Today, we are trotting out a story that can’t be buried any longer — the story of the Berlin cemetery cafes. Known in local parlance as Friedhof Cafes, you could call them ‘Culinary Limbos’ of sorts or a...
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Forced closures have inspired Berlin’s booming restaurant scene to take unprecedented measures. Takeaway! It is truly bizarre times we are living at this very moment, but through crisis shines creativity. The will to survive, push through and never let go of the hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel (or in our case foodie experiences). In this edition, we are delving into what’s cooking in Berlin and...
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Berlin history||
Planning your next Berlin walking tour, well then this next Fork and Walk Tour edition will give you some food for thought. At Fork & Walk Tours we’re as much about Berlin history as Berlin food! It has been another very interesting past few days in Berlin history and the world at large. The legend of boxing and activist Muhammad Ali died. In 1985 Dr Josef Mengele known for his...
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Berlin on a rainy day||||||
You’ve just arrived in an exciting new city, but it’s Berlin on a rainy day! What can you do? Well, apart from being brave and heading out to sightsee in bad weather (which can be loads of fun, rain or shine) you can take yourself on an indoor-focussed tour of the city. In this case, Berlin! In Berlin on a rainy day, it’s the perfect excuse to treat yourself. Whether...
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May Day Berlin
May Day Berlin brings about another tradition for Berliners. In this article we take a look at the good and bad behind May Day Berlin. May Day Berlin is not your average start to any month. On this public holiday Berliners flock to the neighbourhood of Kreuzberg to be involved in labour day demonstrations. Originally started & organised by Autonome, alternative people and socialists as a street festival. Kreuzberg was...
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