Berlin Halloween|||||
Inspiration from the locals on how to enjoy a Berlin Halloween whether you’re a child or an adult Halloween approaches… Witches, ghosts, zombies and other creatures of magic and mystery prepare for a night of spooky fun in the world of the living. Why not spend it in Berlin, the world centre of night clubs, great parties and good vibes. Read on to find out where children can have their fun...
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Berlin locals meal||
Traveling to a new city can be a very tasty experience if you know where to go. Let the Berlin locals here, at Fork & Walk Tours Berlin, tell YOU where the good food is at. Read below to find the best 5 restaurants that only Berlin locals know about… 1. Mogg. We’ve mentioned this place before, for it’s delicious German-Jewish cuisine. The building that Mogg hides away in, holds a...
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Berlin on a rainy day||||||
You’ve just arrived in an exciting new city, but it’s Berlin on a rainy day! What can you do? Well, apart from being brave and heading out to sightsee in bad weather (which can be loads of fun, rain or shine) you can take yourself on an indoor-focussed tour of the city. In this case, Berlin! In Berlin on a rainy day, it’s the perfect excuse to treat yourself. Whether...
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Craft Beer in Berlin||||
Seeing Berlin on a budget? Keen to try a drop of German wine, or a local beer? Don’t worry, budget drinking in Berlin is very easy. Hot, summer days in Berlin call for cold beers. Cool Autumn evenings quietly ask for a smooth red wine. The winter chill asks for a sip of something strong. Spring delightedly requests a light, bubbling white… Whatever the season, drinks in Berlin are always...
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Berlin brunch|
Sunday in Berlin usually greets tourists and locals with a relaxed, slow atmosphere. Most shops are closed on the last day of the week, so everyone can make the most of their weekend, before Monday comes around again. What is the best way to do this, you might ask? Well, Berliners say going for a Berlin brunch. The Berlin brunch culture… There is such a huge brunch culture in Berlin,...
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