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It is the start of something fresh. daring. an untraveled path …But this is where we like to be – in the heat of Berlin food scene. It is said putting yourself in ”uncomfortable” places helps you grow. We prefer to be here for the excitement of life – it is here waiting for us. A daily challenge to take on the world and survive. The journey of setting-up this tour company forced us into...
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Two of Berlin’s sexiest, most modern and exciting assets are it’s fashion, and food scene! “How do fashion and food come to meet in the same article?”, you may ask, well the link is their importance in the modern-day Berliner culture. Modern Berlin and it’s Trends… Being a city of many start-up companies, artistic and creative jobs, wild clubbing and tasty food, it is suited to young people with creative minds....
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Want to discover the local Berlin food scene? Our Berlin food tours take you where the locals eat, discover trends, dabble in 3rd wave beers or choose to combine both food & history. The choice is yours…

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