Drinking in Berlin on a budget

Seeing Berlin on a budget? Keen to try a drop of German wine, or a local beer? Don’t worry, budget drinking in Berlin is very easy.
Tasting beers and vegan pizzas in Berlin on a budget
Tasting beers and vegan pizzas on the Prenzlauerberg tour

Hot, summer days in Berlin call for cold beers. Cool Autumn evenings quietly ask for a smooth red wine. The winter chill asks for a sip of something strong. Spring delightedly requests a light, bubbling white…

Whatever the season, drinks in Berlin are always cheap and tasty, meaning you can enjoy Berlin on a budget.

Beginning with the wines. Local supermarkets stock wines from Germany (of course) and the rest of wine-making Europe, such as France, Italy and Spain. Not only this, but wines as far afield as Australia and New Zealand.

Australian travellers on our Kreuzberg tour, recently mentioned how they found their favourite white wine from an Aussie vineyard in a supermarket here, in Berlin! The crazy part is that it’s cheaper to buy it here than in a shop in Australia. What?! They’ll be sneaking some home in their suitcases for sure.

When you’re really in Berlin on a budget…

If you’re in the backpacking scene while here, your drinks are sorted for under 2 euros. Yep. A bottle of drinkable wine can cost under 2 euros at any supermarket (Kaiser’s, Lidl, Aldi)!! Talk about budget drinking. Beers get even better… go for a can under €0.50 cents.

Berlin on a budget craft beer
Even try a craft beer in Berlin, they’re extremely tasty and gentle on the pocket!

Slightly higher travel drinking budget…

If you’ve got a little more to spend, you’ll find great quality wine at the local supermarket or boutique wine shop for 8 euros or less, up to 30 or so (for a top end drop). These are your variety of astringent, firm, or soft wines, all of pure flavour and texture.

Do you have a desire to delve into Berlin’s rich history with us? Perhaps while sipping a fresh, cold beer on Tempelhof airfield…

Berlin on a budget
Enjoying a beer in Berlin on a budget

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