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Berlin currywurst|
Reading about Berlin in books and online, we find it is often associated with the famous Berliner Currywurst. However, I’m here to tell you that this historical city offers so much more than a simple sausage dish! Read on to learn what other tasty eats Berlin has to offer! What is Berlin Currywurst? First things first, let’s delve into what this wurst actually is… Dubbed “Germany’s Favourite Fast Food” by...
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Rixdorf Village Berlin|
The capital city of Germany holds many hidden secrets including the village in Rixdorf Berlin. Berlin has evolved from the diversion and destruction of the past, achieved by not only moving forward, but moving in a way that embraces the past whilst warmly welcoming the present. This is especially visible in the union of Berlin’s 600-year-old village called Rixdorf. Early Days of Rixdorf Berlin Village First inhabited as early as...
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Berlin wine
Imagine your favourite food getting even better! You can do this by pairing it with the right Berlin wine to get those flavours dancing. Throwing a dinner party? Trying to impress the in-laws? Or perhaps you’d just like to drink the right wine with your favourite meal! Our Berlin wine guide is here to help. The Basics of Berlin wine and food The first really easy, fairly fool-proof tip: White...
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Berlin pastrami||||
Let there be melted cheese, let there be crispy toast, let there be LOADS of pastrami, piled high… Fork & Walk would like to welcome you all to the Berlin pastrami palace, Mogg. Allow us to guide you through the incredible, delightful sensory experiences of the best hidden Berlin pastrami restaurant. Berlin Pastrami – From a Tragic History Ridden with a tragic history, the owners of Mogg have turned this...
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Now, if you’re reading this, you’ve most likely already booked your trip to Berlin, or you’re about to, but after reading what we’ve got to say you’ll have even more reasons to love Berlin. Let us convince you why you should visit Germany’s capital city. Rich in history, delicious eateries, fashion and more, there’s to of reasons to love Berlin 1. Love Berlin – Wide range of cuisines to choose...
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