Discover Berlin on a Rainy Day

You’ve just arrived in an exciting new city, but it’s Berlin on a rainy day! What can you do? Well, apart from being brave and heading out to sightsee in bad weather (which can be loads of fun, rain or shine) you can take yourself on an indoor-focussed tour of the city. In this case, Berlin!

In Berlin on a rainy day, it’s the perfect excuse to treat yourself. Whether you live here, or you’re a traveller, we can all benefit from a cozy, relaxing, rainy day.

Cheesecake in Berlin on a rainy day
Cheesecake in Berlin on a rainy day

Treat yourself to a warm, quality made, barista coffee in one of Berlin’s trendy coffee shops. Try a traditional German cheesecake with your warm drink, while you snuggle up inside a cozy cafe.

Perhaps you’d like a glass of deep, red wine and a large piece of Tiramisu, or maybe a hot apfelstrudel with vanilla ice-cream.

The best Berlin on a rainy day activity is…

A mystery tour on the train. Wherever your closest Berlin S-bahn station is, walk or catch the bus, then sit and relax on the train. Watch the rain drip down down the large windows as you glide through the city, high and dry. Look down at the umbrellas bobbing up and down in the crowded streets of Alexanderplatz, and note the empty tables and chairs outside cafes, but know that inside they’re full of people, sipping on hot drinks.

A local cafe in Berlin on a rainy day
A local cafe in Berlin on a rainy day

Bring your umbrella with you, and when you see a train station you like, and maybe haven’t heard of, hop off and explore. Don’t be afraid to wander down a quiet street. This street may hold the cutest, coziest cafe, and you might be lucky enough to sit amongst locals in a quiet, yet bustling atmosphere.

There’s a general positive vibe coming from places that locals love, so why not go and find one? Join in and taste the hidden, delicious foods that Berliner’s love. Need more guidance? Join one of our foodie and sightseeing tours to learn how the locals live, and about the history of Berlin!

Take a book or a friend to keep you company while you sip your hot chocolate. Berlin on a rainy day is perfect for treats and good company.

These Berlin areas hold plenty of cute cafes, close to their S-bahn stations, so that you won’t have to walk too far: Friedrichshain, Charlottenburg and Prenzlauerberg.

Treats inside a Berlin on a rainy day
Treats inside a Berlin cafe on a rainy day

Wander through these neighbourhoods, (or another one if you like!) and steer clear of the main areas where you’ll find a bunch of tourist-inflated prices.

Are you eager to do some sightseeing during your stay in Berlin? Looking to taste local dishes and learn the rich history of Germany’s capital city? Look no further!

Book a tour here, and let us dish up the true potential of Berlin on a rainy day!

Be ready for a unique experience of food, adventure and history.

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