5 Restaurants in Berlin Only Locals Know About

Traveling to a new city can be a very tasty experience if you know where to go. Let the Berlin locals here, at Fork & Walk Tours Berlin, tell YOU where the good food is at.

Read below to find the best 5 restaurants that only Berlin locals know about…

1. Mogg.

We’ve mentioned this place before, for it’s delicious German-Jewish cuisine. The building that Mogg hides away in, holds a deep history. This is explained in depth on our Prenzlauerberg and Mitte Tour, where we find this old Jewish girl’s school during the second half of the walk. Quickly, Mogg opened in 2012 and within weeks was known in the culinary scene to Berlin locals. Their menu includes a tasty, comforting matza ball soup and their infamous home-cured, smoked pastrami sandwiches. The latter having been raved about by the New York Times! Still, tourists often get caught up in the tourist traps on the main streets, so you’ll find locals and food-lovers frequenting this joint.

Address: AUGUSTSTR. 11-1310117 BERLIN

Yum!! Photo by tour guide, Emma, one of the Berlin locals
Yum!! Photo by tour guide, Emma.
2. Marubi.

This special, hidden eatery operates below the radar, so only your true Berlin locals know where it is, and how good it is. Opened in 2014, Marubi has managed to make a place for itself in many Berliner hearts. They offer flavour-filled, Japenese cuisine, with local blogger Berlin Food Stories recommending the beef tofu rice bowls, the freshly made pork gyoza and the Chashu ramen.


Berlin locals - Marubi

3. Banh Xeo Aaigon.

This very trendy joint serves up the best, fresh Vietnamese cuisine. Pair this with the helpful and friendly staff, and you’re having the perfect local foodie experience. Locals recommend the Vietnamese omelettes with shrimps, as well as the nipsy and various soups. All give quality, excellent taste.



Berlin locals instagram pic
Pic by Instagrammer “itsdianaquach”


4. Vadoli

Named the best pizza in town… You’re sure to sample quality Italian flavours, textures and aromas in this secret pizza place! We won’t say too much, other than you must try while in Berlin. Crispy crust, soft centre that dips as you pick up a slice. Cheese dripping from the point while you balance your other toppings. With your well-known topping mixes, AND some very inventive flavour combinations, you’re sure to find something that takes your fancy.

Address: KANSTRAßE 55, 10627 BERLIN


Berlin locals
Pic by Instagrammer “awidvahedi”
5. Blutwurstmanufaktur

One of those long German words! This place translates to “Blood Sausage Manufacturer”, and we suggest you try just that.
 They are actually a fantastic, traditional German butcher shop, who specialise in blood sausage, as the name suggests.
 They do warm meals as well as functioning as a butcher, where you can buy the meats to take home to cook. This is a true German experience, as none of the wonderful ladies who work here

This is a true Berlin locals experience, as none of the wonderful ladies who work here speak English! But be brave, simply walk in between 12 and 2:30pm and say “Hallo, konnen wir haben ein blutwurst mit sauerkraut und kartoffel, bitte?” This means you’re asking for you and your buddy to share their signature dish, the blood sausage with the most flavoursome sauerkraut and some boiled potatoes.

Note: They don’t like you taking pictures in there, so take it all in with your eyes, and your taste buds! Highly recommended. Not feeling brave enough to try the German language yet? Never fear, join our Kreuzberg tour and we’ll order for you, and we will all try together!
Address: KARL MARX PLATZ 7, 12043 BERLIN

Address: KARL MARX PLATZ 7, 12043 BERLIN


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