Where’s The Best Berlin Pastrami?

Let there be melted cheese, let there be crispy toast, let there be LOADS of pastrami, piled high… Fork & Walk would like to welcome you all to the Berlin pastrami palace, Mogg.

Allow us to guide you through the incredible, delightful sensory experiences of the best hidden Berlin pastrami restaurant.

Berlin Pastrami – From a Tragic History

Ridden with a tragic history, the owners of Mogg have turned this old Jewish Girl’s School, come Jewish Hospital, around completely. After years and years of abandonment after the war, they have created a new space that embraces both the past and present.

Built in 1927, designed by Alexander Beer, the building represents a pre-war, modernist Berlin. A strong emphasis on the functional over aesthetic notion, contrasts to the beautifully coloured art-deco tile interior of the communal areas. This building encompasses all that this city is and was, through the representation of the dark history of Nazi Germany, and the colourful, liberal Berlin we see today.

Interested in learning more about the history of this building, and of Berlin itself? Book a tour here.

Berlin pastrami – It’s Really, That Good

Pete Wells, of The New York Times describe the signature dish as:

“The pastrami is quietly smoky, noticeably peppery, not too salty, fragrantly pink. sliced and layered on excellent, fresh, un-spongy rye modelled on the bread from Schwartz’s deli in Montreal and spread with a close approximation of brown deli mustard from Dusseldorf, it adds up to a pastrami on rye that only a handful of deli’s in new york can match.”

Berlin pastrami – Eager to see these mouthwatering dishes?

Feast your eyes upon the images below:

Berlin pastrami and a lentil burger
Rueben Pastrami on the left, with the equally as delicious, vegetarian lentil burger on the right!
Berlin Pastrami calls to you
The Rueben Pastrami calls to you, and eagerly awaits.

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