4 Reasons You’ll Love Berlin!

Now, if you’re reading this, you’ve most likely already booked your trip to Berlin, or you’re about to, but after reading what we’ve got to say you’ll have even more reasons to love Berlin.

Let us convince you why you should visit Germany’s capital city. Rich in history, delicious eateries, fashion and more, there’s to of reasons to love Berlin

1. Love Berlin – Wide range of cuisines to choose from!

Love Berlin food

As you know, we are based on a food tour, so we know all about… you guessed it, food. You can trust us when we say that Germany’s capital has a wide range of foodie options, ranging from Turkish to Indian, from French to Russian, and from Italian to traditional German cuisine.

Visiting Berlin is sure to satisfy your taste buds! If you’re interested in tasting some of the best Berlin has to offer, join one of our friendly guides on a foodie tour of a lifetime.

Love Berlin

2. Love Berlin – Beeeer!

Here, it is legal to drink on the streets. Yes, you read correctly! Grab a nice cold beer from one of the many convenience stores for 1-2 euros, while you walk around the city. Sit with your friends by the Spree, with a couple of beers, have a good chat and enjoy the sunshine. Winning.

3. Love Berlin – Graffiti Art!

Love Berlin graffiti

The city of Berlin is scattered with colourful artworks, of both commissioned pieces and rebellious, politically charged works as well. As we walk along the cobblestone streets in the East, we notice graffiti in all kinds of places, not just on the lower section of apartment buildings, but in the subway, on escalators and even on rooftops. This style is something very unique to this city! We love this freedom of art and of colour in this creative city.
See our tour in Kreuzberg/Neukölln in particular to visit the East Side Gallery, a huge section of the Berlin Wall that still stands today, right next to the gorgeous Spree river, covered in commissioned, painted art.

4. Love Berlin – The Parks and Lakes!

Part of the joy of visiting this city is the nature. Berlin is known as a very green city, especially in spring and summer. During our 4 Reasons you will Love Berlin, we can experience this first hand, as we wander through the greenery, enjoying the silence and peace that these areas offer.

Also, a must see in Berlin are the lakes such as Lietzensee and Weißensee. Perfect for picnics, and family outings. You can even swim in Weißensee. At the end of our tours, or during, you’re welcome to ask about the lakes and which we recommend for various activities. Think boat rides, swimming, sunbathing, etc.

There we have our quick 4 reasons to love Berlin and come for a visit.

These are why we, your tour guides, love this city!

Join us on one of our tours to find out even more reasons you’ll love Germany’s capital city.


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