Order Food in German, in Berlin!

Have you ever sat in a restaurant in a foreign country and thought you’d rather be ordering in the local language, but you have NO IDEA what to say? Ordering Berlin food can be a fun experience we want you to try!

Do you want to impress your friends at home by teaching them the local Berliner lingo?

Everyone knows that to get the most of out Berlin, you have to give the language a go! Read on for some great tips and useful phrases with Berlin food and drink…

1. Berlin Food – First things first, coffee!
Berlin food coffee
Berliner Milchcafe

The most important part of the morning here in Berlin. Whether you’re looking for a cute café to relax in while you sip on your warm, and exquisitely brewed beverage, OR you’d like to grab a quick, hot takeaway drink, we’ve got some tips for you.

“Kaffee mit Milch” is a black (a Long Black, or Americano) coffee served with separate milk. While, “Milchkaffee” is a coffee with a lot of heated milk and foam on top, basically a cappuccino without the yummy choccy powder sprinkled on top.

So, all you need to say is “ein (1) Kaffee mit Milch, bitte” if you’d like a black coffee with a little milk, or “Zwei (2) Kaffe mit Milch und Zucker, bitte” for two coffee’s, both with milk and sugar.

2. Berlin Food – Beer!

The next thing you’ll want to order in Deutsch in Berlin is a beer.
A beer in the morning?! Yes. Why not? Locals can be seen with a beer in hand, walking down the streets of Berlin quite frequently, and nobody bats an eyelid.
So, let us teach you what to say if you happen to see a bar you like the look of…
Either you can point to the beer you desire on the drinks menu and say “Zwei (2) Bier, bitte”… if you want two of them!
Alternatively, you can just say “ein (1) Bier vom Fass”, which translates to “A beer on tap”.

Berlin food Pizza Rucola
Try ordering Pizza Rucola in Deutsch, too, while in Berlin!
3. Berlin Food – Now, onto ordering your meal!

The up and coming foodie scene of Berlin offers many taste sensations and quality experiences! Whether you’re trying the Russian cuisine, the Turkish, Italian or Lebanese; Berlin has added it’s own flavour, and we aren’t mad about it.
So, let’s say you’re in an Italian place, lusting after a gooey, cheesy mushroom pizza and a glass of red wine. You can ask for:
“Ein Fungo/ Funghi Pizza, bitte. Und ein glas Rotwein”
And you’re set for a great meal.

4. Berlin Food – Some more useful words!

“Danke schön” for thanks, “Tschuss” for bye bye, “Hallo” for hello, and “Sehr gut” for very good, if you liked the food or drinks!

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