Berlin Wine & Food: How to Pair Them

Imagine your favourite food getting even better! You can do this by pairing it with the right Berlin wine to get those flavours dancing.

Throwing a dinner party? Trying to impress the in-laws? Or perhaps you’d just like to drink the right wine with your favourite meal! Our Berlin wine guide is here to help.

The Basics of Berlin wine and food

The first really easy, fairly fool-proof tip: White meats with white wine, red meats with red wines usually works. For example, a good beef steak and mushroom sauce will always match a good, deep red. On the other hand, a dry and crisp white wine will happily meet a chicken salad over lunch, or a white fish dish (cute rhyme) over a dinner on a summer evening.

Berlin Wine: Getting a Little More into it

Ready for some more?

Sparkling wines: Champagne, Prosseco, Cava blend well with soft and hard cheeses, a variety of fish and fresh vegetables.

Light, dry white: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Albarino tend to pair best with fresh and roasted vegetables, and fish as well.

Rich white wines: Chardonay and Oaked Whites suit a roasted meal, heavy carb dishes and white meats.

Rose wines: Pinot Noir, Grenache, Gamay often blend with hard cheeses, fruits, carb dishes, rich fish plates and white meats.

Medium reds: Tempranillo and Merlot will always meet with red/white/smoked meats, hard cheeses and carb dishes, for a balance in flavour.

Berlin wines Rueben Pastrami

Heavy red wines: Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel love pairing with red meat dishes, smoked/cured meats and hard cheeses.

Berlin wine – to finish with:

Dessert wines: Sherry, Late Harvest wines, Tokaji to blend with your favourite soft cheeses, smoked/cured meats and sweet dessert dishes.

See the following images of foods, and read below each one for an example of which wines will mix well with them!

Berlin Wine with avocado
An avocado and leafy greens vegan pizza will blend perfectly with a drop of light, dry white, such as pinot Grigio.

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