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Rogacki KaDeWe

Experience & Taste the Berlin food scene directly from ITB

The ITB, the world's largest tourism trade fair, is situated in the west of Berlin and is the perfect setting to journey through the capital's deep-rooted culinary delights.
The West is a melting-pot of the capital's diverse culinary scene. From immigrant influences, to fusion dishes, the Kult-Klassik Currywurst (where it was invented), traditional & sourdough bakeries, to iconic Delicatessens & Food Courts of KaDeWe and Rogacki. The West is back with a renewed vibe from traditions to the future of food.

Berlin's West is a hidden Gem

this side of Berlin is not often ventured by the everyday Berliner and traveller. After the fall of the Berlin Wall residents did not move West, rather they choose to remain in the highlife of Berlin's westernised-scene. While residents of former East Berlin could not afford the riches of the West and often wanted to distance themselves from communist Berlin altogether. While in the late 90s early signs of gentrification started to creep into former housing-squat neighbourhoods of Prenzlauer Berg and Kreuzberg, with the majority of ex-pats and emigrants preferring the raw-feel of former communist Berlin, mixed with its every growing arts & techno party scene Berlin is so renowned for. However, with Berlin going through a culinary boom, Berlin's West has turned into the new hotspot for fine-dining, top-quality restaurants, artisanal bakeries and revival of the ''Asian'' cuisine on Kanstrasse.

What will you discover:

Rogacki: With over 90 years of history, Rogacki is celebrated for its fish smoking and food court and is one of the few, historic food destinations in Berlin worth visiting. Far away from the hip burger joints and vegan doughnut fundamentalists Berlin is known for today. Rogacki provides a rare glimpse into the old world of West Berlin through the recreation of a world that’s existed beyond the last 50 years of turmoil in East Berlin.
Herta Heuwer: all things start with a woman and there is no doubt the Herta is centre stage here. The founder of the now world-famous Currywurst opened her stand right back in 1946 and we will see exactly where history began.
Fusion Berlin-Korean cuisine: In the midst of traditional Chinese, Taipei, Japanese & Korean restaurants (we dislike using the word ''Asian'') we walk the famous Kantstrasse to uncover on of the newest kids on a block. A mix of Berliner influence with Korean tradition. Handmade. With love.
Karun's Deli: Berlin's holds the largest Turkish population outside of Turkey, mid-70s Lebanon War immigrants, Syrian immigrants, Persian migrants, Sudanese-influence and a plethora of modern-day Israelis. The result is the best Arabic-Middle Eastern cuisine outside of the Middle East. Karun presents Arabic-Persian Cuisine comprising of handmade crispy falafel, delicate Halloumi, succulent Schawarma with Arabic salad.
Kaufhaus des Westens (KaDeWe): is Germany’s most iconic and largest department store and holds the record for the largest Delicatessens and Food Halls in Europe. Built in 1907, the KaDeWe is a true West Berlin landmark on Ku'damm that’s seen everything from the roaring 20’s to the Nazi era where it was stripped away from its Jewish owners only to be bombed to annihilation during World War II. Throughout the existence of the Berlin Wall, the KaDeWe was the symbol of West German wealth and one of the most visited destinations for East Berliners that crossed the wall for the first time. However the Food Hall become out-of-fashion and dilapidated, until now. Recently re-opened and upgraded to its former Heights, sporting the hottest trends in Berlin cuisine.
Jump on and discover the real-side to Berlin cuisine ''the city outside of the country''.

ITB Food Tour Meeting Info

When and Where

 Meeting Point: ITB Berlin (Outside Exit 14)
✦ Start / Finish time: 4pm - 630pm

What to bring

✦ Comfortable walking shoes
✦ Rain jacket or poncho (weather dependent)
✦ An empty stomach and a big smile


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