Rixdorf Village Berlin|
The capital city of Germany holds many hidden secrets including the village in Rixdorf Berlin. Berlin has evolved from the diversion and destruction of the past, achieved by not only moving forward, but moving in a way that embraces the past whilst warmly welcoming the present. This is especially visible in the union of Berlin’s...
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Berlin history||
Planning your next Berlin walking tour, well then this next Fork and Walk Tour edition will give you some food for thought. At Fork & Walk Tours we’re as much about Berlin history as Berlin food! It has been another very interesting past few days in Berlin history and the world at large. The legend...
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Berlin History Adolf Eichmann|Berlin History Adolf Eichmann
In Berlin History, Adolf Eichmann is a name connected to darker times for Germany during World War II. Lest we forget. On a day where the sun shines brightly in Berlin and people walk around freely enjoying the rays or dipping into one of the many lakes, one of the most celebrated captures, SS commander...
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