September 2016
Craft Beer in Berlin||||
Seeing Berlin on a budget? Keen to try a drop of German wine, or a local beer? Don’t worry, budget drinking in Berlin is very easy. Hot, summer days in Berlin call for cold beers. Cool Autumn evenings quietly ask for a smooth red wine. The winter chill asks for a sip of something strong....
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Berlin brunch|
Sunday in Berlin usually greets tourists and locals with a relaxed, slow atmosphere. Most shops are closed on the last day of the week, so everyone can make the most of their weekend, before Monday comes around again. What is the best way to do this, you might ask? Well, Berliners say going for a...
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Berlin currywurst|
Reading about Berlin in books and online, we find it is often associated with the famous Berliner Currywurst. However, I’m here to tell you that this historical city offers so much more than a simple sausage dish! Read on to learn what other tasty eats Berlin has to offer! What is Berlin Currywurst? First things...
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Rixdorf Village Berlin|
The capital city of Germany holds many hidden secrets including the village in Rixdorf Berlin. Berlin has evolved from the diversion and destruction of the past, achieved by not only moving forward, but moving in a way that embraces the past whilst warmly welcoming the present. This is especially visible in the union of Berlin’s...
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